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Water Mist Systems

Water Mist Systems

Water Mist Systems

Some alternative quenching systems have been developed for the places where water quenching can not be done today. Extinguishing with water in areas containing paper, paper, etc. where there is a lot of electric charge or damaging water may cause big financial damages and even result in loss of life.

Therefore, an alternative extinguishing system applied in such rooms is Water Mist - Water system extinguishing system.

Water Mist Systems

Water Mist - Despite the use of water as an extinguishing agent, the water system extinguishes at micron level by making the water particles pulverize by means of high pressure pumps and special nozzles. Thus, materials such as paper, electric panels, cables, etc. in the room do not suffer damage when they come into contact with water; in this way the spaces are reliably extinguished.

In areas such as pedestrian and highway tunnels, it can provide more effective results than watery sprinkler systems. For this reason, water system - water mist systems have been preferred in many road tunnels, especially in Europe.

Evenos Inc. In the design of Water Mist - Water Suis fire extinguishing systems which are designed and projected by engineers, the manufacturer manners and related American standards are taken into consideration.

The design is done with the American NFPA 750 standard, especially considering the manu- facturing man- uals and the installation is carried out by the Sartona personnel who have mastered all assembly rules.

All imported systems come from FM approved and UL listed systems and all supervision, installation, maintenance and service operations of the systems are carried out by experienced Evenos field personnel.

Water Mist - Water System extinguishing systems, which are preferred as alternatives to gas extinguishing systems in some places, can be more effective than gaseous extinguishing systems and can be cheaper depending on location and conditions.

Water Mist - Water system extinguishing systems are preferred and used in many places because they do not damage any electronic devices during the quenching and do not produce any products harmful to health.

Its main areas of use include all areas where aqueous sprinkler systems are used;

• Archives

• Electric rooms

• Hydraulic chambers

• Fuel chambers

• Cable galleys

• Tunnels


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