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High Expansion Foam Suppression

High Expansion Foam Suppression


Most of the time, fires that occur as a result of accidents or negligence cause loss of life and property. In order to be protected from fires and to prevent these harmful consequences, fire safety systems are of great importance. With these systems installed in homes, workplaces or industrial areas, fires can be controlled in a short time. Fire extinguishing systems vary depending on the areas where they will be used. The high expansion foam system is also one of the commonly used systems.


Such systems are used  with a generator, which helps to expand the foam. The foam expanded thanks to the generator ensures that the entire area is covered with foam. This leads to the fact that flames and flammable materials are covered with foam and their contact with air is cut off. On the generators, which are responsible for mixing water and chemical products, there are also different apparatus that will facilitate this process. Generators used with fire foam supprassion systems can meet the air they need from indoor and outdoor environments. In cases where the air supply will be provided from outside, extra ventilation installation may be required for this. This is not necessary in installations where indoor air will be used. High expansion foam systems also have valves and hoses that can be used manually to respond to fires that start in blind spots.


Where Can High Expansion Foam Extinguishing Systems  Be Used?


Fire foam suppression systems are preferred in many areas due to their high level of reliability. Especially for industrial areas with strong flammables, high-expansion systems are one of the best options. The main areas where these systems are used can be listed as follows:


-        Solvent or hydrocarbon storage areas

-        Ship engine rooms

-        Cargo areas

-        Aircraft and helicopter hangars

-        LNG storage facilities

-        Paint production facilities

-        Production areas

-        Overflow pools

-        Jet engine testing facilities


Technical Specifications of Foam Generators


Generators for a high expansion foam system are considered the most important element. Today, there are many types of generators used in these systems. However, in order to maximize system efficiency and reliability, some technical standards must be considered in the generators to be used. Some of the technical characteristics that foam generators should have are as follows:


       Together with the generator in the system, the foam tank, valves and foam concentrates must have CE certificate and be manufactured using new technologies.

       Systems should be installed using stainless steel or galvanized material.

       The generator should operate in the range of at least 8, maximum 16 bar and with a flow rate of 80m3 / min.

       The foam tank should have a diaphragm and a capacity of 1500 liters.

       The foam proportioner must have a capacity of 1600 liters/minute. The generator must have a concentrated, synthetic and 3% mixture inside.





What is High Expansion Foam?


High expansion foam is sprayed on large surfaces with the help of a generator and used to cover the entire area.  Thanks to the generator, the mixture consisting of water and foam is expanded and discharged to the floor at high speed. The expanding foam, which forms an integrated layer on the flammable materials thanks to its air bubble structure, cuts the contact between these substances and the air and thus prevents the growth of the fire. It also prevents oxygen contact of the flames and ensures that the fire is extinguished in a short time.


What is High Expansion Foam Usually Used For?


High expansion foam can be used for many purposes due to its properties. However, fire extinguishing systems are among the areas where it is widely used. Also, high expansion foams are often used as fillers and coating materials in constructions..


Where can Foam High Expansion Extinguisher be Used?


High expansion foams are used in a wide variety of fields for firefighting purposes. This method is needed especially in facilities where substances with high flammable properties are available. Because water is not enough in the fires that will break out in these areas. Flammable materials magnify the fire in a short time and become difficult to intervene. On the other hand, high-expansion foam systems extinguish the fire at the very first stage.


How Does a High Expansion Foam System Work?


Fire foam suppression systems work according to a simple working logic. The mixture of water and foam, which is stored in a tank at certain rates, is sprayed on the entire surface in the fire area with the help of a generator. The generators used for this take the air they need from the indoor environment or from the external environment thanks to the ventilation system. The system can be activated automatically thanks to sensors placed in the area. In addition, it is also possible to use it manually.


What is the Difference Between Low Expansion Foam and High Expansion Foam?


Foams are divided into different classes depending on their level of expansion. Low-expansion foams can expand up to 20 times their volume, medium-expansion foams up to 200 times their volume, and high-expansion foams up to 2000 times their original volume. In this way, they ensure that a larger area is covered. In fire systems, high expansion foams are generally preferred.


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