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Foam Sprinkler System

Foam Sprinkler Systems


Fires that break out in homes and workplaces due to various accidents or negligence cause both financial losses and losses of lives. Responding as soon as possible after the fire starts ensures that these losses are minimized. Automatic fire extinguishing systems are the best option at this point. These systems which are connected to an alarm sensor and command center are activated by increasing temperature and respond to fire from many points at the same time. Automatic fire extinguishing systems also have different types depending on their areas of use and purpose. The foam sprinkler system is also part of this variety.

Foam sprinkler systems are preferred in areas where fire extinguishing with water is not sufficient. The foam sprinkler system, which is usually found in facilities, aircraft hangars and fuel stations where flammable liquids and chemicals are used, breaks the air contact with fire by forming a dense layer and ensures that the fire is extinguished in a shorter time.

Foam Sprinkler Systems


There are standards developed by different institutions on fire safety. The National Fire Protection Association, abbreviated as NFPA, is one of these standards. NFPA, one of the most common fire safety procedures in the world, is divided into classes according to different extinguishing systems. NFPA16 also refers to the installation standards of foam sprinkler systems. Foam sprinkler systems installed in accordance with NFPA16 standards have high reliability.

How to Work a Sprinkler System?

The question “how to work a foam sprinkler system” may be stuck in the minds of those who are thinking of choosing these systems. In these systems, foams consisting of different chemical components are placed in pressurized tubes. Fire detection sensors are also placed at regular intervals in areas that need to be protected. With the detection of fire by the sensors, the foam mixture contained in the tubes is emptied from multiple points in a pressurized manner. In this way, it is tried to cut off contact with oxygen at the very beginning stage of the fire. As well as the question “how to work a sprinkler system”, it is often wondered how to use this system. For those who are looking for an answer to the question of “how to use a sprinkler system”, it can be said that there is no aspect of these systems that requires use. These systems, which are fully automated, are activated during a fire without the need for human intervention.

How to Make a Sprinkler System?

The question of how to install sprinkler systems is among the questions waiting for an answer. Special calculations are made for the installation of these systems. During the calculation, data such as the width of the area to be installed, the application speed, the application time and the foam mixture ratio are used. In order to be able to perfectly respond to fires with the foam deluge system, all calculations must be carried out in a professional manner.


What is Foam? 

The foams used for the foam sprinkler system contain air bubbles, unlike liquid and gas extinguishers. These foams retain water and cut off their contact with air by forming an integrated layer on flammable materials.

How do Foam Suppression Systems Work?

Foam water sprinkler system has a simple working logic. In the first stage, fire is detected by fire detection sensors placed at regular intervals in the area that needs to be protected. After the detection of the fire, the foam mixture in the pressurized tubes is sprayed by automatically opening the valves at different points

How Can You Discharge The Foam Suppression Systems?

This process can be easily done in cases where foam sprinkler systems need to be emptied. First, the placed pressure tubes are removed, and then the foam in the tube is drained in the appropriate way. However, it would be more accurate to do this by expert teams..

What are the Common Applications for Foam Systems? 

Foam fire extinguishing systems have some similar applications. Chief among these is the automatic activation of all systems. To avoid wasting time during fires, all foam extinguishing systems have an automatically managed command center. Another common practice is to discharge from more than one center.

What are the Benefits of a Foam Suppression System?

Thanks to these systems, fires are extinguished before they grow. Especially in industrial areas, damage to expensive machines is prevented. Plant integrity is maintained. Most importantly, the loss of life due to fires is prevented. More effective extinguishing occurs compared to water-powered systems

What is the Required Quantitiy of Foam Concentrates?

How much foam mixture will be placed in the system tubes is determined by the calculations to be made. A clear figure can be specified after determining the total area of application, how much mixture will be used for each square meter, the rate of application and the foam ratio from the percentage form. Figures may vary according to the risks in the area where the foam fire extinguisher system will be used.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing a Foam System?

Before choosing a foam sprinkler system; There is a point that should be paid attention; the company that will perform the transaction is professional. This can be understood by the quality standard it imposes. By choosing companies that offer products and services in the NFPA16 standard, fire safety can be raised to the highest level.

What is the Combination of Foam System?

By the combination of foam systems is meant foams of the type AFFF. Manufactured using hydrocarbon sufactane, fluoro sufaction, antifreeze and foam components to obtain low and medium expansion foam, these combinations can be used in a wider area.

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